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Divorce in Kentucky – The Basics

Starting with the basics, divorce is the dissolution of a marriage through legal means. It is by no means a simple or easy decision, but Warnock & Warnock can make that process more manageable. There are a number of important things to consider when filing for...

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Be Cautious with Decisions Related to Medicaid

I get the phone call several times a week from clients calling about their family member possibly losing their home or other assets if they go into a nursing home. With life expectancy and high level of medical care, people are living longer and this issue is becoming...

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Five Tips After Being in a Car Accident

There is nothing worse than being in a car accident. You can be the “best” driver in the world and you are not immune from car accidents. The negligent actions of others can make for a lot of stress and unexpected adversity. Here are a few tips if you become a victim...

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