In this day and age, everyone posts big life events on social media. Unfortunately, a car accident can be one of those events. However, posting pictures or comments about the accident can be one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Insurance adjusters and lawyers can view your posts and photos. They will try and use these words and images against you and can end your case before it even begins.

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Don’t Post Pictures on Social Media

If you have been hurt in an accident, you should avoid posting pictures of any kind. As crazy as it sounds, insurance companies and opposing counsel can use any pictures of you “appearing” happy or healthy against you. They will try and characterize the accident as not as bad as you claim. You must resist from giving the “other side” any information that can be misconstrued or used against you.

Private Setting Doesn’t Mean Unfindable

It is always possible to see your Social Media Posts, even if you set your profile to private. If a family or friend comments or shares your post, it will be posted on their news feed and visible to anyone in their friend group. Even if it is set to private, anyone who is truly looking for this information can get access to it.
Imagine this scenario. You are having a bad day after your accident. You post about the accident and start to rant and rave about your injuries or other facts about the accident. Do you want to have to explain these emotional statements during your deposition or trial? Answer: No!

Seek Legal Counsel

The trained and experienced lawyers at Warnock & Warnock understand how difficult this situation is for every client. With physical recovery and medical bills, you have enough to deal with during this trying time. Let us fight the fight for you. To have your personal injury claim reviewed, call 606.473.5381 or visit www.warnocklawoffice.com.

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